What if Google had a S.O.L.E.?

S.O.L.E. Self Organized Learning Environment

What if students got paid to go to school?

What if students owned and ran the school?

What if you could have virtual school?

Imagine graduating University at 15 with money in the bank and a residual income?

Kids Got Sole mission is to make this a reality NOW!

Sugata Mitra's TED Talk and a visit to Bill Ferguson's SOLE Class by Andrew Greig is the inspiration behind Kids Got Sole. We also have a plan to fund SOLE Cloud Schools by using Google+ for Business with the help of Vizzeco. SOLE consists of students collaborating to researching big questions and making presentations... this is a perfect fit with Google's Cloud communications and collaboration solutions. Kids Got SOLE will be a majority owner of Vizzeco. Kids Got SOLE students, teachers, parents and customers own Kids Got SOLE as a community. Kids Got SOLE will pay dividends to all members. 
The Grade 4 students have been tested in Bill Ferguson's class. All of the students have tested at mid Grade level to well above Grade level. This is an interesting thing to examine because in my experience there is always a range of reading levels, some below Grade level, some at Grade level and some above. Since we have been using SOLE I have noticed the involvement level of the lower students improving as they become more dedicated to the tasks. I believe this work on their part has contributed to their gains..   

YouTube Video

Alisha and Cameron worked on a SOLE assignment from the comfort of their own living rooms using Google Hangout.


What if your School environment was like working at Google? SCHOOGLE anyone?

What if a 12 year old  with no previous schooling could test at a grade 10  level in 9 months with only access to a computer? Well.... its a reality now! You can find examples of SOLE here.

There are 25 million users of Google Apps for Education. Our plan is to reach out to all SOLEs and Students that have Gone Google with a way to make money doing what comes naturally to kids today... influencing their parents buying decisions for technology as well as supporting them. Google Cloud solutions save companies up to 70% on computing and communications.  Googles Cloud Business will reach $1 billion in revenues in 2013. Kids Got Sole will pay 15% commission and a residual for a referral that leads to a sale of Google+ for Business. Students can also get paid to teach.. train .. support Google+ for Business for customers based on passing a test. Google+ for Business resellers charge as much as $250 and hour for contusing! If a company you know has already converted to Google and would be interested in helping students with this project... the customer can move their support contract to Vizzeco and this will benefit Kids Got SOLE to help us achieve our goals... to boldly go where no SOLE has gone before!





YouTube Video

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